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Reflect... page 31

So, the idea was to take two pedagogical tasks and elaborate them in terms of macrofunctions and microfunctions.
A nice and friendly piece of advice to all of you... Don't ever do this at 5 AM.
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PD: For some reason, the lines of the chart do not appear in this blog theme. I had a mind struggle deciding between an awesome theme or the lines of a chart... and yes, I do have these kind of mind struggles.

Treasure hunt: In this activity, the kids  have to look for hidden clues in the classroom and in the playground. These clues will lead them to the treasure
Interpersonal -Teamwork
Understanding prepositions
(The following clue is behind a big rock)
In, on, under, next to, behind, between.
Talk about yourself: the typical beginning-of-the-year activity. The idea is that you introduce yourself to your classmates so they get to know you
Interpersonal - Socializing
Fluency, lack of inhibition
 Expressions: My name is... I am... I live in.... I come from.... 

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  1. First of all, if I hit my pinky toe before I sit down to correct, will you excuse my special mood? :-)
    Second, you've done great work!!
    Third, for more details, wait until Thursday class.



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