domingo, 25 de junio de 2017

Hey there

It's been quite a while since the last time I posted a reflection... or basically anything on my blog. So I am going to share something that may be useful for someone... or no one. It's about how I study.
Short and sweet, I can't start studying, let's say, the week before the exam because I am not used to do it in that way. It never worked for me; actually, the only time I took several days to study, I failed miserably. So, for most of the exams, I study the day before, or even the same day, if the amount of topics allows me to do so.
There are also other things that play a vital role in my preparation pre-exam, listed below

  • Pepsi: because one can never have his caffeine level too high... right?
  • Music: essential. The louder, the better (seriously, it helps me concentrate)
  • Chips: basically anything to eat, but if it is something salad, better
  • This is a page in which I brainstorm pretty much everything of what my summaries are going to be about. It is a great page, though the previous interface was far more user-friendly, but it is still good.
  • Games: If I overdose with texts, It all gets mixed up in my head. I tend to mix up terms, authors, dates, facts, etc. So I need to distract myself like... every hour. It helps me not to overstress with what I am studying. This is crucial for my final exams, because I do get nervous, even though I don't look like, and if I don't put my head somewhere else in between the studying process, I get yellow in the face. Seriously. Ask anyone who has seen me before Culture III final exam.
Finally, this is an example of what you may hear when studying with me.

That's it. Have a nice Sunday

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  1. "Ask anyone who has seen me before Culture III final exam." True story.

  2. Great!! It's good that you know yourself!! (I'm the same way as regards studying, by the way)

  3. I cannot understand how you can study listening to music dude XD but i share with you the other things!



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