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Reflect... page 35

Hi again, I was not very inspired for this one, so don't judge me if it's not well. Also, i hit my pinky toe against a piece of furniture. It is not relevant for the activity but it sure is for my current mood. 
See you today!

Schema building
The students are presented a map of a city they know: Ingeniero Maschwitz. They have to point out the places that they know, such as markets, restaurants, squares, etc.
Controlled practice
The teacher starts acting as a “guide” of the city showing the students where those buildings are but using prepositions. The kids then will write some sentences with these examples
Authentic listening or reading practice
In this step, the students will have to listen to an audio of two friends in the city speaking about what they have in their to-do lists. Both of them will talk about where they have to go and explain where those places are.
Focus on linguistic elements
In this step, the students will focus only on the prepositions (always with the map as a reminder) and fill in the gaps with the correspondent preposition
Provide freer practice
The students can select those places they would like to visit and exchange opinions with their classmates. If the classmates don’t know where they are, the student can explain it with prepositions
Introduce pedagogical task
Tour guide. The students will be divided in four groups, and each group will be assigned a zone of the city. They will have to explain what can we find in their zone, if there are hospitals, restaurants, parks, etc. and how to find them using prepositions.

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