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Please use caution before reading this lame post. Please do not use any products which contain caffeine or any stimulants before reading this.
If you have panophobia, you shouldn't be reading this
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Hello, this is my reading story. No pictures today because this was written entirely on my phone. No regrets

AGE 4 ---------- So the first book I remember reading was one called "Ami" I can't remember the plot, the author or even the protagonist's name (Ami was an alien, but the protagonist was a kid) but I surely remember the effect it produced on me; it was the first book ever to generate emotions within me  (And I don't even remember what those emotions were)

AGE 6 ----------- When I turned six, my dad's friend gave me Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as a present (I had previously read HP 3 and 4). From that moment on I became a disgusting Harry Potter fan, taking the books with me everywhere I went

AGE 12 ----------My orange lime tree was lent to me by an aunt and strongly recommended by my mom. It was an excellently written autobiography, told as if it was a tale. But I have to admit that it didn't create in me that feeling of tenderness everyone talked about. I guess it must be because I'm not a father tho.

AGE 13 ---------- One hundred years of solitude; I was told not to read it because it was for adults and I wouldn't understand it. Now THAT is what I call a piece of advice, because it helped me to foster my imagination (and curiosity, obviously) to get this book and understand it
PS: I actually had to read it twice

AGE 14: --------- Attila, the Scourge of God. Thisone was lent to me by a literature teacher, and with this book I learned how fascinating history can be if told in the right way. It is about the story of the leader of the Huns, Attila, and the journey of a young writer who has to face him... and bla bla.

AGE 15--------- With the release of Harry Potter 6 in 2010 I broke my own record by reading 600+ pages in two days (caffeine overdose effects aside)

AGE 16----------- My literature teacher from 2n year took me and the other bunch of savage misfits (my classmates) to a beautiful journey through compulsory literature for secondary school. He inroduced the stories in a way that forced you to read the book because you couldn't handle curiosity. That's how I discovered The Divine Comedy, which generated in me sme kind of love/hate/love because two of the three parts were excellent and the last one was boring as heaven (bad pun, but literally it was very boring)

AGE 19--------- This short story called Body and Soul by John Wyndham was one of the most mindblowing stories I've ever read and I strongly reccomend it to anyone, regardless of their favourite genre

AGE 20--------- There were other books (a lot) which I had to read at the prof; this gave me mixed feelings because they were books which I would have enjoyed if I hadn't been forced to read them: this made me hate and love the book at the same time.

Eg: Dracula, The Hobbit

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  2. i'm not a Harry Potter fan but I've read the books and i think that they are better than the movies (:
    Excellent post dude! "but i'm not a father tho" XD

  3. My orange lime tree. I dunno if its the right translation, but hell, here come the tears

  4. Wow... I remember Ami!!! (I had not thought of that book for years!!)
    As regards the other books you mention... I love the Harry Potter series and I am reading it with my son (we are finishing book 5) but my favorite of all is the JM de Vasconcelos one... Have you read its sequel "Vamos a calentar el sol"?)

    1. Yes, I think so... Was it the one with the "sapo cururu"? That one I could feel more related to, since I was almost the same age as the protagonist, I liked it more than the first one.
      Ahhhh the memories

  5. I dare to say that you're a 'bookaholic'



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