lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Normal Tuesday

So basically I was going to add a new gadget today. It is called AdSense and it gives you the opportunity to monetize your blog. It is as simple as getting paid for being visited; and according to my calculations, if I had added it when I first created the blog, and based on the number of views I've received up to date, I would have earned the enormous sum of 4.14 dollars. Pretty neat IMO.

But censorship striked once again and my editor (??????) was banned for no reason. So goodbye to the illusion of earning 0.01 dollars per visit

Anyway, the real post begins below this line


Hello there. Since the topic for this week was "free topic" I've decided to tell you what my next projects will be. I can imagine your faces - oh my god, what is he going to do now?- eager to know what my intentions are for these holidays; well, suffer no more, because here they are.

  • FL Studio 12: It is basically a software (which costed me a lot to crack) to create music. I tend to listen to calm beats - hip hop beats, and stuff - if I am stressed because it helps me to slow down and relax. It is pretty hard to master, and I am just a beginner, but I hope I will get the hang of it and create better content, content that will make me feel... good. I hope.
  • Adobe Character Animator: This is a very interesting software that is intended to be used for the creation of fancy, animated characters. I got the idea from One Minute Physics' videos (which are VERY detailed, interesting and well explained) and I wanted to try it on my own. Good lessons are paid, and looooooong lessons are free, so I guess I will have to do it the hard way, once again. 
Finally, this video is an example of what my holidays (or so called holidays, since I still have to go to work) are going to look like. It is a recording of my PC doing the stuff mentioned above

PS: I am not really sure, but I think the real post is shorter than the introduction
PS2: If you read the whole thing and watched the whole video, I owe you a chocolate

"...eager to know what my intentions are..." I wonder who the hell would care about something like that, and I also wonder when did my level of self-esteem grow up.

Anyway, have a nice last week. Cya

5 comentarios:

  1. Oh well, thanks for the nightmares. I've always wanted to see a dancing Wendigo. I want my chocolate, now.

  2. Neat post fam
    Yo, I know how to use FL studio. Last version I used was 8.0, but I should think it's still more or less the same. So, whenever you want we can get together, crack open a cold one with the boys and make some sweet hip hop beats

    C'ya tomorrow

  3. haha you made me laugh with the first post. I was going to ask some of you if that is real. I've seen it when I created my blog but I didn't know how it works. I want moneeeeyyy

    1. Yeeees, it's real, but I can't use it. You can make money out of it!

  4. I agree with Claudio: I want my chocolate!! :-)

    As usual, I love your blogging style!! I hope when the year is over you will keep your blog alive!!



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