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DISCLAIMER: I'm not held accountable of any mistakes this post may contain. I just woke up.

It seems that years have passed since the last time I've posted something. It is not that I didn't want to - I'm always looking forward to writing something interesting - but I simply did not find the inspiration I've talked about previously. This lack of inspiration, accompanied with low sugar in my body and the mixed feelings about ending the career and not ending it at the same time created in me a feeling of undecisiveness for pretty much everything; it goes from the clothes I'm going to wear on the day to the final version I want to upload of the short story.

Hi bodies!

This post is just for you to know which are (in my opinion) the best tools to work with as regards the short story, which pages I've used, the other pages I've found related to it, and, of course, to shamelessly promote my group's story.

Calameo: When I first heard of it, I thought this would be a platform in which we would be able to write the story, make artwork for it and publish it. When I used it, I found out it was only for publishing and reading. It is very simple to upload and share, but the virtual kindle is not too comfortable to read, and since we have to get premium in order to allow other users to download, well...

Canva: Excellent platform, very friendly user and in three steps you have a cover artwork for your book. Choose the colour, the picture and the font for your title and there you go. www.canva.com

Booksie: Easier to write than Calameo, but harder for uploading pictures. Since I'd already uploaded the story to calameo, it seemed pointless to me to place the pictures of the story on a server to publish it to make it look nicer and appealing... no. Here's the other version of the story without the pictures. Short and sweet.

Storybird: "Storybird doesn't offer personal uploads. Our particular niche is inspiring people with gorgeous illustrations and focusing them on unlocking the stories hidden in the art. We've found this to be a tremendously exciting way to inspire the most reluctant writers and readers. If you're looking to use your own art, take a peek at services like Mixbook, Tikatok, and Shutterfly. Bookmaking service Blurb is also worth checking. They may be more suitable for the project you have in mind."

Storybird was very clear with its description. I couldn't have said it better. Anyway, Tikatok.com is not free, Shutterfly.com and Mixbook.com are only for artwork, Bookmaking service of Blurb is a pain in the ass because everything has to be in pdf format and with the same dimensions (but if you want to give it a try anyway, Zamza.com is an excellent site to convert .docx to .pdf) and finally, Lulu.com gets your book published (also in pdf) but it's not free to read. If you want to read it, you have to buy it. So I retired it ofc.

Those are pretty much the tools and the recommendations that I have for all of you who have not yet published the story. Have a nice day.

Your life would benefit from reading our story. And probably also sleeping and exercise, but you do you. Go ahead and read it:

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  1. Hello, Mati!!!! I´m here looking for your short story!!! Where have you hidden it??? ;)

  2. Very interesting info!! Thanks for sharing!!



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